Summer Camp: April - May 2017

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Kinesis Summer Camp, which starts from 1st April 2017 and continues till 14th May 2017 for a total of 6 weeks.

The summer holidays is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend extra time on the tennis courts improving your game (if you a regular Kinesis student) or learning the game (if you are new to tennis). The special timings for the Summer Camp* are given below.

While students may select timings based on their convenience, Kinesis coaches may reallocate timings to accommodate various skill levels for different groups of children.


Hours Fee (INR)
20 Hrs 8,500
30 Hrs 12,000
50 Hrs 18,000

All students are advised to enrol/register for the Summer Camp at the earliest. Please also mention the number of hours for which you will be attending the Summer Camp.


Mon – Sat (4 pm – 6 pm)

For further details please contact our coaches Krishna Kumar @ 9980918103/9844030073 or Venu @ 9686449517.

Best Wishes

Director –Kinesis

(*) – Van facility will be available subject to a minimum number of kids availing the facility (Contact Venu @ 9686449517 for availability)

(**) – Students who are unable to take advantage of playing longer hours during the summer holidays may continue to opt for the regular program.